Class of 1990 Projects



The “Panther Promise ProgramTM ” was created, in essence, to help maintain the true status of Dudley High School, by fostering the success of its students. In partnership with school administrators, counselors and social workers, and with your support, we promise to maintain this program and pledge to provide students with emergency assistance; financial support toward programs that provide access to job skills and college readiness; and overall platforms at Dudley High School, that directly impact the students it serves and champions their academic success.


In the spirit of re-energizing and preserving Dudley traditions, the Class of 1990 supports the “Feed the Team” program. Historically, the Dudley Alumni Association accepted the task of feeding the football team. Today, this initiative is led by The Piedmont Triad Chapter. The Class of 1990, along with other alumni classes, provides proper pre-game meals to Varsity players. All food items are approved by the DHS coaching staff, and consist of the most health conscious food menu possible.

The Class of 1990 extends our hearts, capabilities and our time so that these young men know that “Panther Pride” is not just a phrase but an acknowledgement that their struggle is not just theirs.

Annual Roll Call Contribution

The Roll Call takes place annually during the Dudley Alumni Consolidated Reunion. This is the time when class leaders come forward and publically pledge donations, to the scholarship fund, for the upcoming school year. The Class of 1990 strives to meet the Roll Call pledge of $1000 annually. Class members make tax deductible donations in effort to reach the annual goal. All Roll Call donations are calculated by June 30th of each year. The annual pledged amount is submitted during the Alumni Awards

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